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Preventive Maintenance & Tune Ups

The best way to minimize more serious breakdowns and the higher costs associated with automotive repair is by doing routine maintenance.

Preventive vehicle maintenance is simply what the manufacturer of your vehicle suggests getting done to keep your vehicle going. Whether you have a car or truck, Lee's Automotive provides the maintenance services to keep it running well.
Preventive maintenance and tune ups

Oil Changes & Lube Services

Without a doubt, having your automobile’s oil regularly changed is your first line of defense against any potential breakdown. Getting your oil changed by one of Lee's Automotive ASE certified technicians will ensure that in addition to receiving five quarts of quality motor oil and a new filter, other key parts of your engine will also be inspected and remedied.  So if our technicians notice something needing repaired, we will discuss it with you and give you options. It is recommended you have an oil change every 3,000 - 5,000 miles to stop engine wear and keep oil free from particles.
Oil changes and lube services

Brake Repair & Service

Brakes wear out over time requiring service. How long your brakes last is based on various things such as driving conditions, how you brake and other factors. For this reason, it is necessary to service your brakes regularly. We are familiar with the driving conditions here in Atlanta and know that your brakes need care. Signs that your vehicle needs brake repair include squeaking, roaring, hissing and squealing when you press down the brake pedal. Pressing the brake pedal down should be easy and smooth. If you feel vibration, shaking or any sort of pull or unevenness when you press the pedal, be sure to stop in and see us right away.
Brake service and repair

Tire Service & Wheel Alignment

One of the most important parts of vehicle upkeep is replacing old, worn out tires. Lee's Automotive offers quality affordable tire services, including new or seasonal tire installation in Woodstock, GA and surrounding areas. Does your car pull to the side or are you experiencing unusual vibration? If so, you may need to have your wheels aligned. It helps your tires last longer, your vehicle drive smoother, and ultimately keeps your wheels pointed in the right direction. Trust only the tire installation and wheel alignment experts at Lee's Automotive to install your next set of tires.
Tire service and wheel alignment

Air Conditioning & Heating Repairs

When temperatures rise, there’s nothing more refreshing than getting into a cool, air-conditioned car. However, auto A/C and heating systems can wear over time with use, and your refreshingly cold air becomes…hot. Lee's Automotive can perform routine auto A/C maintenance and heating system repairs which will keep your car or truck comfortable for you and your passengers. Remember to schedule your heating or A/C check at Lee's Automotive before the peak of the season to make sure you have the most comfortable driving experience in Woodstock, GA and surrounding areas.
Air conditioning and heating repairs

Transmission Service & Repair

The transmission may well be one of the most complicated and important components of your car or truck. That's why it's important to trust its maintenance and repair to a full-service shop. There are a number of problems that can be resolved simply while others may require a complete transmission overhaul. Our skilled mechanics have the training and expertise to properly diagnose your transmission problem and get you back on the road. We will give you a hassle-free and worry free estimate with no sales pressure.
Transmission repair